ATE FRONT BRAKE DISK SET طقم طنابير امامي


Part No.: 24.0124-0197.1

  • Fitting Position:Front Axle
  • Brand class:Premium
  • Manufacturer:ATE
  • EAN:4006633293372
  • Manufacturer Part Number:24.0124-0197.1
  • Outer Diameter [mm]:300,0
  • Brake Disc Thickness [mm]:24,0
  • Minimum thickness [mm]:22,4
  • Brake Disc Type:Vented
  • Number of Holes:5
  • Machining:High-carbon
  • Surface:Coated
  • Supplementary Article/Info 2:with bolts/screws
  • Bolt Hole Circle Ø [mm]:120,0
  • Height [mm]:73,5
  • Centering Diameter [mm]:79,0
  • Inner Diameter [mm]:152,0
  • Bore Ø [mm]:14,5
  • Test Mark:E1 90R-02C0115/0022
  • Trade numbers:424197


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