Part No.: 121 200 375 82

Product Information

Genuine BMW High Power spark plug, sourced directly from the dealer

Spark plugs are an often overlooked maintenance item. If your BMW has developed a misfire, studders, or feels down on power it could be due to worn out spark plugs.

Please note?Tightening torque for this spark plug is 23 ? 3 Nm, gap is preset at .8mm, a special 14mm, 12 point spark plug socket is required for removal and installation of this plug, please see p/n?83300495560?for the correct tool.

Spark Plug

Maintaining your car at suggested service intervals will result in a better performance and improved fuel economy, which is why we suggest changing your spark plugs at the manufacturers suggested service intervals and be sure to check their condition for any warning signs of failure. If your vehicle isn’t operating at peak performance it may be time to replace your spark plugs.

Spark Plug Failure Symptoms

  • Misfiring
  • Check Engine Light
  • Hesitation
  • Loss of Power
  • Poor Fuel Economy

About Genuine BMW

The original parts used by BMW to build your car are available as replacement parts under the ?Genuine BMW? brand. When ordering a Genuine BMW part you are guaranteed to get the same part that you would pick up from your local dealerships part department. Genuine BMW parts have been built to BMW?s stringent standards and are the same quality of the original parts used to build your Ultimate Driving Machine.

You may not realize this, but the parts that make up your BMW are not necessarily manufactured by BMW. No cause for concern, as BMW designs the part, hires a manufacturer, and ensures its quality to you. In fact, many of these manufacturers have been making parts for BMW for decades. In our industry these manufacturers are called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and these are often brands you recognize, including?Lemforder,?ZF,?Sachs,?Bosch,?Valeo,?Zimmermann,?Siemens VDO,?Corteco, and more. Don?t be surprised to open that Genuine BMW parts box and find an OEM branded part inside, simply with the addition of a BMW logo.

Be sure to keep an eye out for OE tags on our product pages to quickly identify parts coming direct from OE manufacturers.


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