JURID Rear Brake Pad


Part No.: 573878J

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  • Fitting Position: Rear Axle
  • Brand class: Price/Performance
  • Manufacturer: JURID
  • Manufacturer Part Number:573878J
  • Thickness [mm]:17,8
  • Test Mark:R90 Homologated
  • Length [mm]:116
  • Weight [kg]:1,69
  • Height 1 [mm]:72,6
  • Wear Warning Contact:prepared for wear indicator
  • Brake System:TRW
  • Packing Type:Box
  • WVA Number:24704, 25636
  • Packaging length [cm]:15,500
  • Packaging width [cm]:9,000
  • Packaging height [cm]:8,600
  • Number of threaded bolts:4
  • Number of clips:4
  • Trade numbers:24704, 25636


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