Motul 8100 POWER 5W-40 5 Litre


  • High Performance 100% Synthetic – ESTER engine oil inspired by the competition and specially designed for Gasoline or Diesel engines, tuned or high performance, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, indirect or direct injection, and operating over a wide range of engine revs and temperatures, in the most severe road or racing conditions. Suitable for Gasoline and Diesel engines requiring an API SP viscosity grade 5W-40 lubricant. The exclusive formula of MOTUL 8100 POWER 5W-40 is compatible with biofuels (especially the Ethanol E85) and after-treatment systems. It also protects downsized engines from the risk of LSPI (Low-Speed Pre-Ignition), and its optimized viscosity brings the best compromise between power and reliability to your engine. Very good compatibility with catalytic converters.Suitable for all types of Gasoline fuels, led or unleaded, Ethanol, LPG, diesel, and biofuels. This type of oil may be unsuitable for use in some engines. Before use always refer to the owner’s manual.
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